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3D  service for
Architecture & Design

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There is nothing new to say that 3D-graphics
gratefully enhances design and presentation
works   for   architects & designers.
As a samples, here are presented some of
my 3D illustration works, produced in 1998.
...Leaf throught the pages.

Suggestions on job are welcomed




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    This site, include all of graphics designed using
software     by me,   1999 Kyrill L. Chernyshoff.    revised 1999-04-04                   E-mail:



Table of graphic contents :

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  c for a design of Leonid Senyavsky, design-studio "SETON".
  Show Click't to look at Tumb views Tumb
A series of 3D renderings for a design of adaptation in Moscow
of a well-known in Europe city advertising element.
  Show Click't to look End views Sheds
4 of end 3D graphics views for a design of schedules with
a small shops over a pedestrian subways in Moscow
  Show Click't to look Project views Project
 3D graphics views of  Project for a design of schedules with a small shops
over  a pedestrian  subways in Moscow.
    for a design of  architect Boris Andreev
  Show Click't to look Apartment viewsViews Design of one apartment in Moscow
    Here could be 3D to YOUR design
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    This site, include all of graphics
    designed by me,  1999 Kyrill L. Chernyshoff.   
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